Students helps solve real-life cases on the theme: Mining Innovation


LTU Business Summer program in collaboration with Swedish Mining Innovation.

For 9 weeks, 18 students worked in pairs as full-time business developers. Based on their profile, LTU Business matched the students to assignments. The task each pair had was to evaluate a business case that came from university research or small companies, with a wide variety of themes and societal challenges represented. Two of the cases this summer worked on the theme – Mining Innovation. LTU Business has been running the summer program since 2001.


“This summer has been a real eye opener for the industry, as engineering students, we are quite intrigued by the possibilities within the mining sector”.


Thanks to LTU Business and the fantastic students Simon Peter Dagbui, Carl Bergstrand, Elin Svärd and Viktor Haga who gave everything this summer and contributed with new insights to innovations in the mining sector. We hope to see them continuing in the industry in the future!



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