Swedish Mining Innovation PhD Student Network Career Week

8 –10 November 2021

The Career week event will be hosted on a virtual platform, and the schedule is divided into two short days, 8 and 10 November.

Day 1 will be for only the student participants. Students will develop their networking skills and elevator pitches. This workshop/presentation will be held by the Career Centre at Luleå University of Technology. The idea is to get students thinking about their own skills and who they are in the workplace. This reflection will prepare them for day 2.

Day 2 will invite companies and organisations to join. The organisations will be organized into three breakout rooms, with a mixture of organisations. A student will facilitate a panel discussion with the organisations. The panel will open up for questions from the audience. In these smaller groups panel discussions will be hosted allowing companies and students to discuss matters related to:

  • What skills are required from a future employee?
  • Is (and why is) highly educated staff valued?
  • How do companies/organisations work with diversity, gender equality and corporate profile to attract the future workforce? (Does the future workforce value this more?)
  • What is the importance of internal programs for life-learning?
  • What are the main differences between career paths in academia and industry?

The hope is that students interact with the companies and organisations to reflect on what they learned on Day 1.

Preliminary program

Day 1 – 8 November, 9.00-12.30

  • Welcome (Nils Jansson, LTU, Network leader)
  • Workshop: Personal branding and elevator pitches (Heather Jacksic, LTU)
  • Paus
  • Workshop: Personal branding and elevator pitches (Heather Jacksic, LTU)
  • Paus
  • Workshop: Make and test your elevator pitches on your peers (Heather Jacksic, LTU)

Day 2 – 10 November, 9.00-11.30

  • Introduction to Day 2
  • Swedish Mining Innovation (Lawrence Hooey, Swedish Mining Innovation)
  • Company and organisation introductions
  • Paus
  • Break-out rooms with panel discussions (moderators: Daniel Fjellborg, Laura Suarez, Filip Simán)
  • Summary from break-out room panel moderator
  • Event wrap-up (Lawrence Hooey, Swedish Mining Innovation)



Upcoming events

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7 November 2022

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22 November 2022

Award ceremony of Swedish Mining Innovation Award at Svemins Autumn meeting