Nexgen SIMS


Swedish Mining Innovation has granted SEK 6 million to international project applications. This has resulted in SEK 300 million in granted European funding that has benefited the Swedish mining sector in one way or another. One of these projects is Nexgen SIMS (Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems), where Swedish Mining Innovation granted funding to write the Horizon 2020 application in 2021.

Through Horizon 2020, the European Union has granted a mining project where pilots in eight producing mines tests sustainable technology at the absolute forefront. Nexgen SIMS is a three-year project with total funding of EUR 13 million (or about SEK 130 M) working towards the vision; carbon neutral efficient, safe, and sustainable mining as an enabler for a global green transition.

This is one example of a project that enables system innovation and benefits both Swedish and international mining industry.


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