Take the chance to have your say about the SIP STRIM's strategic innovation agenda

The Strategic Innovation Agenda (STRIM Agenda), which is the foundation for the Strategic Innovation Program SIP STRIM, has been updated this fall. As a final step, interested parties are now given a chance to comment on the documents that have been presented.

The nine thematic areas related to primary and secondary commodities remain, and for each area the research and innovation is defined in the short, medium and long-term perspective? New for this agenda is an introductory chapter describing challenges, driving forces and vision for the industry. All texts are open for discussion.

The updated agenda will be confirmed by the boards of SIP STRIM and SveMin in February and March, and will then be presented on Bergforskdagarna in May.

Take the chance and have your say about the future STRIM agenda! Mail your comments to Petra Åhl, petra.ahl@ducitinnovation.se and Kent Tano, kent.tano@telia.com
Indicate the part of the agenda that the comments referer to in the e-mail titel.

The deadline for comments is January 16th.


Documents for review