Social license to operate


Lennart Gustavsson




Purpose and goal

In the work of operationalizing the term SLO, we have worked strategically with headlines from a research perspective. These headings are: The History and Development of the Concept, the SLO Concept´s Role in Sweden, What does a SLO contain, how does SLO relate to state and regulations, SLO and local community, SLO and Sustainable Development, and the SLO concept´s usefulness in a Swedish context. In the process of establishing a meeting place – STRIM, 13 further conversations/interviews have been conducted.

Expected results and effects

SLO is a diffused, difficult and contested term. Instead, we propose the heading “Relationships with Surrounding Society”, which reflects the contents of the current chapter on SLO. In the process of developing a “Meeting Place – STRIM”, a number of efforts were made by stakeholders. The seminar / workshop was planned for 170919 in Luleå. A review of registered participants we noted that important persons were missing, so the seminar was canceled. However, a joint arrangement between GEORANGE and the Sami Parliament is currently planned for a new Meeting place- STRIM.

Planned approach and implementation

The project has been divided into two partners, Georange as the main project manager and responsible for the work with the meeting place -STRIM and LTU as research coordinator. Through this arrangement we have succeeded in carrying out the activities described in the project application. However, we did not succeed in implementing the STRIM meeting place due to that important persons were missing. Since the basic idea was place where differences meet, we chose cancel the seminar.However, a joint arrangement with GEORANGE and the Sami Parliament is planned as for a similar meeting place.