Roadmap for a fossil-free mining and mineral industry


Oskar Räftegård




Purpose and goal

The project’s objective is to make the mining and mineral industries contribute to making Sweden become fossil-free by 2045. The roadmap describes how fossil freedom can be achieved in the mining and mineral industries. It works inter alia as a tool for strategic planning before and during the transition and shows how technology, investments, policies, and systems need to be developed in interaction. The roadmap has identified priority areas for innovation, as well as already ongoing projects. It has been used and can be used to improve dialogue within and outside the industry.

Expected results and effects

The effects of the interim report (April 2018) have internally led to increased dialogue, commitment and awareness-raising. It has contributed to the SIP STRIM´s strategic innovation agenda and formed the basis for the continuation. Externally, the interim report has been used as a basis and it has contributed to improve dialogue with politicians, authorities, suppliers and customers, in Sweden and internationally. The final report (April 2019) is expected to further accelerate the speed of the strategic work for transition

Planned approach and implementation

The work has mainly been carried out in the form of facilitated workshops with experts from the mining and mineral industrial companies. Thus, it is first and foremost the knowledge and insights of the industrial companies´ own experts who are the basis for the roadmap. Between the workshops, analyses and compilations have been made, facts gathered and communication material has been prepared. A complete but somewhat comprehensive report was completed at an early stage, which contributed to improve dialogue, influence and to anchoring the preliminary findings for the continued work.

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