Optimised medium range mine planning




Jan Nyqvist


Purpose and goal
This project aims to build and demonstrate a prototype of a tool, designed to coordinate real-time information and actions of mining processes, to optimise the scheduling of resources used in mining.

Structure and implementation
The work officially started with a workshop on 2015-09-15. It will be carried out by a continuous collaboration between the project members: ABB AB, Boliden Mineral AB, Luleå University of Technology and Nordic Rock Tech Centre AB. In order to ensure progress, the project will use workshops to integrate and disseminate the results. The workshops are planned to be held with 6 months intervals, taking place at a partners location or at a relevant site for the project. The workshops will cover the progress of the work, reporting of milestones and deliverables.

Expected results
The effects of optimised scheduling include decreased traffic in heavily used areas, increased safety for humans involved in the operations, decreased energy consumption (for e.g. trucks and ventilation) and related emissions per produced ton as well as man-hours per ton. It would also have a large implication for in-mine resource and production optimisation through timely management of real-time delays, mitigating the risk of unplanned production stops through early rescheduling, yielding a better work environment and lower operation costs through optimal use of resources.