HIFLOAT – Individual sizing of flotation cells

FlotationMineral processingResource efficiency


Luleå tekniska universitet


LKAB, Boliden

Jan Rosenkranz



Purpose and goal
The overall objective of the proposed work is to investigate the effects of different flotation cell height to diameter ratios in order to identify optimal aspect ratios for flotation cells when sizing new flotation circuits, but also for the optimisation of existing plants. In this context optimality refers to cell designs adjusted to the particular flotation stage and the concrete position of the flotation cell in a bank. For this purpose a scalable test flotation cell and the corresponding sampling and measurement equipment will be developed.

Structure and implementation
The project is planned for a period of four years involving Luleå University of Technology, Boliden Mineral AB and Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB. It will be organised in four work packages: (1) the design of an adjustable laboratory flotation cell with a sampling device for taking samples from the pulp at different heights and radii. The conduct of (2) lab scale flotation experiments and (3) pilot scale flotation experiments with different ores types, and the evaluation of experimental results for (4) process modeling and development of design rules.

Expected results
The development of test flotation cells adjustable in height will give Swedish mining companies the opportunity to investigate optimal cell designs for different positions in a circuit by adjusting the cell geometry to the particular feed. Using a scalable cell in conjunction with novel sampling methods and corresponding equipment will provide spatial phase profiles and concentration distributions in a flotation cell. Systematic studies for different ore types will help to improve recovery and concentrate grades, and thus enhance resource efficiency and lower investment costs.