Feasability study – industry synergies


Charlotte Andersson




Purpose and goal

The conclusion from the pre-study is that there is an interest for cross- industry projects but that the framework needs to be clarified. Many cross-industry solutions are specific for the business involved and depends and the geographic and demographic prerequisites. To obtain economically viable solutions logistics and transport distance are limiting factors.

Expected results and effects

The pre-study has, besides the networking effects from the workshop, led to specific suggestions for areas were cross-industry project could be developed, both as specific strategic projects but also areas well suitable for open calls.

Planned approach and implementation

The pre-study has been conducted with the overall ambition to map the possibility of cross-industry projects in regards to rest products and material flows within Swedish industry. COmptence from the different sectors reflecting the three strategic innovation programs, STRIM, Metallic Materials and Re:Source were gathered in workshop. During the workshop different cross-industry areas and issues were discussed. The results are compiled in a summary report.