Attractive commodity supply

Mineral processing


Kungliga tekniska högskolan


Kobolde och partners, Swerea MEFOS, SGU, Sandvik, Boliden

Anders Tilliander



Purpose and goal
The aim of the pre-study was to create a roadmap for continuous development and to develop the methods to be used. At the end of the project it should be clear what deposits, metals, production routes and processes should be included in the main project as well as which other companies to invite to the project. Finally a main project should be designed. This has been fulfilled and a project application has been handed in.

Structure and implementation
The project work was divided into three WP with meetings at the end of each WP. All project members met and discussed the results and to plan for the next work step. At the end, the discussions and the knowledge gave us the material in how a main project application could be written.

Expected results
The project gave new knowledge and a continuation is planned. A project application has been handed in.