VR mine at Teknikens hus to create curiosity among young people


To create interest, arouse curiosity and give young people an understanding of what the work in a state-of-the-art mine looks like, Swedish Mining Innovation has financed the installation of a VR mine at Teknikens hus in Luleå. In the VR mine, which is adapted to the form of a game, you charge electric machines, drill, blast and load ore. When you have succeeded, you will be rewarded with gold coins.

Join David Dahlberg, Exhibition Manager at Teknikens hus when he shows the VR Mine. The film is in Swedish.

The VR mine and its technology were originally developed within the EU-funded project SIMS (www.simsmining.eu).

Right now, Swedish Mining Innovation is also running another strategic project to identify more Swedish science centers that can make use of the environment.

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Project: Virtual reality mine at Teknikens hus

Project: Virtual Reality (VR) as a demonstrator and learning platform of sustainable, modern and innovative mining

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