Roadmap for a sustainable future


SIP STRIM is financing a unique research collaboration between the Stockholm Environment Institute and SveMin, to push the mining and mineral industry in a more sustainable direction. The purpose of the project is to analyze the interaction between society and the mining and mineral sector in the ongoing sustainable transformation. This is done on the basis of a number of future scenarios, which makes it possible to investigate how a sustainable Swedish mining sector can develop in an uncertain world.

The project includes a number of questions:

  • How can mining and mineral industry be part of the overall sustainable transformation of our society?
  • How can the industry continue to contribute to the economic development while contributing to the sustainable development agenda?
  • How can the industry be a driving force for innovation, rather than just responding to societal changes?

The objective and the expected results for this project is in part to find a roadmap for the future of the mining and mineral industry in sustainable social development and, and also, a strategic action plan for the industry to navigate from, in order to clearly contribute to the sustainable development of society in its continued operations and business.

The project was initiated in May and will last one year. Read more about the project:


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