Congratulations to the three finalists in SIP STRIM Swedish Mining Innovation Award


We congratulate the three finalists in SIP STRIM Swedish Mining Innovation Award! There is no doubt that Sweden is rich in fine innovations, a large number of nominations for the award have been received and the jury has had a tough decision in choosing the three finalists.  All three finalists will participate in the Svemin Autumn Meeting on November 27, where the final winner of the Swedish Mining Innovation Award is announced.

Boliden’s electric trolley solution and the project team behind it

The first finalist in Swedish Mining Innovation Award is Boliden’s electric trolley solution in Aitik and the group behind the innovation. The project group, which consists of representatives from Boliden, ABB, Eitech and Pon Mining/Caterpillar, has with great ingenuity taken the electric trolley solution to a new level and shown that it is possible to electrify one of Sweden’s largest diesel consumers, the mining truck.

Fortum Waste Solution for their innovation in water recycling in the mining industry

The second finalist is Fortum Waste Solution, with its innovation around purification of process water using a multi-stage process with microbiology at its center. The innovation has the opportunity to increase the recycling of process water in the enrichment processes of ore, as well as meet future requirements for stricter emission requirements regarding water from ore extraction, and also reduce the amount of waste related to sulphate.

Mobilaris with its newly launched solution Mobilaris Onboard

The third finalist is Mobilaris Mining Civil Engineering for their innovative solution Mobilaris Onboard TM. At the heart of the innovation is the positioning algorithm itself, Mobilaris Hybrid Positioning and the linked product Mobilaris Onboard TM. The innovation combines technologies that are integrated into existing systems to increase transparency in the mine, which changes how you work with production and process control in the mine.


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