Swedish Mining Innovaiton is chaired by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed by the various organisations that collaborate within the programme. The day-to-day activities are managed by the program office located at LTU Business. In addition, there is an advisory body, the Executive Committee, which together with the programme office is responsible for the thematic development of the programs focus areas. Host for the program is Luleå University of Technology.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to realising the goals and visions of the Swedish Mining Innovation agenda is welcome to take part in the activities of Swedish Mining Innovation.

Board of Directors

  • Anders Sand (chairman)
    Vacant, Boliden (suppl)
  • Katarina Öquist, Epiroc
    Åsa Gabrielsson, Epiroc (suppl)
  • Jenny Greberg, LKAB
    Susanne Eriksson Rostmark, LKAB (suppl)
  • Pär Weihed, Luleå tekniska universitet
    Charlotta Johansson, Luleå tekniska universitet (suppl)
  • Maria Sunér, Svemin
    Katarina Nilsson, Svemin (suppl)
  • Charlotte Odenberger, Zinkgruvan Mining
    Craig Griffiths, Zinkgruvan Mining (suppl)
  • Amy Loutfi, Örebro Universitet
  • Stefan Sädbom, Bergskraft Bergslagen AB
    Axel Sjöqvist, Bergskraft Bergslagen AB (suppl)
  • Linus Brander, RISE
    Christina Jönsson, RISE (suppl)


  • Tobias Kampmann, Vinnova

Programme office

  • Charlotte Andersson, Programme Director
  • Lawrence Hooey, Technology and Innovation Manager
  • Lotta Sartz, Project Manager Bergslagen
  • Niclas Dahlström, Project Manager
  • Cathrine Svakko, Programme Coordinator/Communications
  • Erik Hagenrud, SME Network Coordinator
  • Lars Teglund, Communications Strategist

Executive Committee

  • Albin Blom, Zinkgruvan
  • Anders Gustafsson, Zinkgruvan
  • Anders Lindkvist, Epiroc
  • Anders Sand, Boliden
  • Daniel Johansson, LTU
  • Erik Ronne, Boliden
  • Hanna Salovaara, Boliden
  • Jaroslaw Majka, UU
  • Kaj Lax, SGU
  • Katarina Nilsson, Svemin
  • Kristina Branteryd, Svemin
  • Laura Lauri, LKAB
  • Lena Abrahamsson, LTU
  • Linda Wårell, LTU
  • Linus Brander, RISE
  • Lotta Lauritz, LKAB
  • Pär-Erik Martinsson, SIP PiiA
  • Robert Mäkelä, ABB
  • Tobias Hermansson, Boliden

General Assembly

The General Assembly’s task is to elect the three members of the board who do not represent the four most active companies, the host organization or Svemin. The General Assembly also appoints the nomination committee.

Eligible to vote are the organizations that have submitted their LoI in announced time before the years GA meeting.

General Assembly 2023 will be held xxxx at xxxx. Please register at the latest xxxx: General Assembly 2022